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PROBIZ promotional t-shirtsWe see lots of clothing. We only select products for our showroom and this website that we would be happy to sell and wear ourselves. T-shirts like fashion are always changing. Gildan, one of our major brands [long story but ask to explain why if you dont know this brand], has what we think makes an excellent promotional tee.

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We helped a nice guy who was referred to us recently to get the first things he was needing for his new business. It's nice helping small business owners when they need it the most. More importantly you get an insight into what they are thinking is their first priorities in getting the business off the ground.

One of our first jobs is to help convert a rough sketch of their logo into an electronic form. When we do this we consider several scenarios;

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PROBIZ looks after agencies & designers.Lets face it, you're a designer. You can be pretty demanding sometimes...can't you? Wanting stuff that hasn't been done before or printing a promotional item in a way that seems "different". We know what you're like. We are also waiting for your next crazy idea. C'mon try us.

Your client has called you in for a brainstorm for their next open day and you are expected to come up with a short list of promo items to fit the bill. Don't wing it! Call us first. Give us the broad brush and we will arm you with suggested items to make you the hero you are in your client's eyes! We may be even be able to loan you some samples. Definitely catalogues will help too. Just ask.

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When it comes to having a distinctive promotional item to give away, a custom flash drive is THE contemporary tech item that is functional and can be made to have that novelty factor of a custom design. All you need is some development time and your imagination! These days a minimum order quantity can be as low as x100 pcs. After the creative design has been done production times can be as quick as 3-5 weeks. Don't forget when it comes to the stuff you can't see [the quality of the memory], we only use Grade A chips. This means you can expect very good performance which is important when you have larger files you are transfering to & from the flash drive. You don't want to be sitting around waiting for the transfer to finish.

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