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promotional tissues | PROBIZIf you are looking for something useful then you are half way there in putting your promotional dollars into something that your brand will succeed in. Dont forget the definition of a successful branded promotional item is having both function and novelty value at the same time. See pricing guide here. Promotional tissues can be placed to offer convenience in may situations whilst displaying your advertising message at the same time, for example: funeral services, reals estate post-sale, auto showrooms, clothing showrooms, dentist waiting rooms, optometrists etc etc.

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PROBIZ promotional t-shirtsWe see lots of clothing. We only select products for our showroom and this website that we would be happy to sell and wear ourselves. T-shirts like fashion are always changing. Gildan, one of our major brands [long story but ask to explain why if you dont know this brand], has what we think makes an excellent promotional tee.

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When it comes to having a distinctive promotional item to give away, a custom flash drive is THE contemporary tech item that is functional and can be made to have that novelty factor of a custom design. All you need is some development time and your imagination! These days a minimum order quantity can be as low as x100 pcs. After the creative design has been done production times can be as quick as 3-5 weeks. Don't forget when it comes to the stuff you can't see [the quality of the memory], we only use Grade A chips. This means you can expect very good performance which is important when you have larger files you are transfering to & from the flash drive. You don't want to be sitting around waiting for the transfer to finish.

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PROBIZ stress items in full colour printNow you can do awesome things with the humble stress item. No longer resigned to the single colour print we can now offer numerous styles with full colour printing. So think FULL COLOUR when you next are thinking about promotional stress items. See our range.

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