We're not the biggest - just the best!

We helped a nice guy who was referred to us recently to get the first things he was needing for his new business. It's nice helping small business owners when they need it the most. More importantly you get an insight into what they are thinking is their first priorities in getting the business off the ground.

One of our first jobs is to help convert a rough sketch of their logo into an electronic form. When we do this we consider several scenarios;


* that the logo if designed in colour can be used in mono [black & white]
* that the proportions of the design work when the logo is small. This becomes apparent when the logo is required embroidered on workshirts or hats. We sometimes see very large text with tiny by-line or supporting text. This is a problem and we are forced to give the client a choice of having to modify the logo so the small text is big enough to be embroidered [6mm high is what we aim for]


The branding in its completed form will work on signage [buildling & vehicles], clothing, business cards and eventually his website.

Get this logo thing right first and you can move ahead from there. In a year or two some touch ups can be done to move more into line with where the business is going.