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Drinkware is a very large category and happily the quality of bottles offered within the promotional product industry in Australia is at least if not better than retail quality [and better priced]. There's a few things that are worth considering when you are looking at promotional metal drink bottles, one of our most popular categories, so read on.


Your logo is important [obviously] and how it looks on a bottle is just as important. The proportions of your logo will have a bearing on how best to incorporate it onto the bottle. Many long, landscape logos work well when they are tipped on the side of the bottle.

The biggest challenge we face regularly is getting a client's logo big enough on the bottle. It has been only relatively recently that we can offer larger decoration areas on promotional metal drink bottles.

Before making a purchasing decision on bottles, always check with us what are the design possibilities are by requesting a draft visual of your logo on the bottles you are considering. You could save a lot of time and avoid potential dissapointment.

Bottle Construction

See below the three main build types there are in metal drink bottles.

Vacuum insulated drink bottles

The best and most expensive bottles due to superior construction.

Double walled construction

Mid level build but more afforadable when thermal performance is not critical. This is the most popular kind of bottle.

Single skinned drink bottles

Entry level where thermal performance is not the main consideration.


Download our PDF fact sheet for
How to buy promotional metal drink bottles.




Describe what you have in mind and we can help you with some choices.

We like to know only three things when you are trying to select the right product:

  • How many units you think you want
  • Preferred unit cost that suits your budget
  • Is there a function date you need to meet?


Something exclusive from Europe. Now in Australia in limited quantities. Simple elegant lovely to hold and drink from. Retap glassware makes a unique gift for a small team where a reward or end of year gift is the best way to show your appreciation.

Contact us to learn what your branding options are. We can also offer packaging options to enhance your presentation.