We're not the biggest - just the best!

Jenni & Greg WillsonLike you, we also work in a competitive market place. Some of our products can be procured from other promotional companies.

We offer that intangible thing called SERVICE!

A good promotional company is your "dog's body" when it comes to organising your marketing activities. We grew up in the small business market and know that a wide range of capabilities is required in order to deliver. We will respond to your enquiry most times quicker than the others you may have asked. The information will be sent to you in a more concise and attractive manner than ANY other company you may have asked. You will be easily able to share this info electronically with your colleagues. Our online proofing will show your logo on the product you have selected. No faxes, no leaving it up to you to work it out. No worries.

We guarantee the work we do will be what you ordered. We want you to talk about who we are and what we do so we do the hard yards to make sure that talk is good talk. Our testimonials bear this out.

Life is too short to work hard and not enjoy it. Great design, marketing and intelligent strategy is our passion and we want to make a meaningful contribution to your promotions. Freecall us if you have a need but might be struggling for ideas, and talk to a friend.

About the owners: Greg & Jenni Willson run PROBIZ.  Greg started off with a pager, a folder of samples, a Valiant and lots of shoe leather in the early 1990's while Jenni was coping with a big lump in her stomach, now called Ash our son. Through the ups and downs of the Australian economy, PROBIZ gradually grew. Jenni was a successful sales rep in the greetings cards industry and joined PROBIZ in 2000 and today runs the sales side of the business [better than Greg ever did some say]. Greg's calling is design and today happily takes care of all design work plus web development for PROBIZonline.

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At PROBIZ we have created a special business, recognised within the promo products industry for our quality, service, professionalism, and our commitment to doing things properly, particularly in our production control system. We supply all types of products used by clients for corporate gifts, corporate merchandise, branded items, promotional gifts, conference supplies, point of sale / point of purchase and display systems, and much more. Contact us on 1800 335 950 to discuss how we can assist you with any requirements for promotional gifts.

While our home office is located in Adelaide, we work with client's Australia wide. We have clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, the Gold Coast, and many other places throughout Australia. Many of our clients choose of course to also work with us on their promotional projects via phone and email. Among our many strengths is our best practice warehousing program, designed to assist larger organisations in organising and managing their corporate merchandise programs, corporate uniforms and workwear, reward and recognition programs and any other printed materials.